Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Q#79 - August to September 2011

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Q’s Compilations – Vol 79 – August to September 2011.

It seems that life is merely in a holding pattern as I write these notes, I have my visa to move to New York but we’re still waiting to get some tenants into our house and also in the midst of applying for my wife to get UK citizenship. Hopefully all these things will be resolved in the very near future as it’s getting less easy not to get stressed out about various things. Still, music is always something worth turning to and although I confess I have thrown together this latest mix with little thought or cohesion, I think it’s pretty good! It would have been nice to put together some kind of themed disc or something with more of a message, but I just haven’t had the time to do much of anything lately.

01) Captain Sensible - Holiday in my Heart: I’m a big fan of the Captain’s solo records, in particular Revolution Now and The Universe of Geoffrey Brown (which this songs opens). Had the pleasure of seeing the Captain play a live set at the Rebellion Festival this year, with a bit of luck we’ll be over in New York in time to catch the Damned playing on October 22nd but as each day passes that is looking less likely. Anyway, I’ve always thought that he’s a criminally underrated artist and in particular a horrifically underrated guitarist. “If you’re selling, I’m not taking…”

02) The Godfathers - If I Only Had Time: Whilst browsing the CD stalls at the Rebellion festival I did manage to spot a few diamonds in the rough (it’s a punk festival, afterall…) which included the recently remastered Birth, School, Work, Death and More Songs About Love and Hate. “Things ain't what they used to be, We're living under a false economy”

03) Meat Puppets - Open Wide: My greatest delight whilst browsing the CD stalls was finding a copy of Forbidden Places, which is out of print and quite hard to find, it’s the only Pups album I don’t own officially (I did have download…) and my life felt a little more complete upon making the purchase. “All these nights have made me crazy, I can't seem to come around, Days of hiding in the sunshine, Feeling nighttime's falling down”

04) Shudder to Think - Red House: This is one of those songs that I’ve had lined up for a comp for about a year but it’s never quite made the cut for a variety of reasons. This is on the 20-years of Dischord boxset. “She's a buzzing bee, She's a person see”

05) R.E.M. - Fall On Me: Possibly my favourite REM song of all time, just picked up the 25th anniversary edition of Life’s Rich Pageant (which in turn is possibly my favourite REM album), I don’t know if I’ll ever tire of hearing this song. Hopefully none of you will be too offended by hearing it again! “Well I could keep it above, But then it wouldn't be sky anymore, So if I send it to you you've got to promise to keep it whole”

06) The Decemberists - Calamity Song: One of the criticisms towards the band’s latest album, The King is Dead is that it sounds a bit too much like REM, I don’t know if that’s particularly true for the album in general but this song really does sound like it could be on Reckoning. To add to the REM-fest, Peter Buck plays on this song (as well as two others on the record).

07) J Mascis - Listen to Me: J has just released Several Shades of Why, a predominantly acoustic singer-songwriter affair, I have a live acoustic album that J did a while back (Live at CBGB) but aside from that I’m used to him blistering through songs with his electric guitar. J makes this transition from electric to acoustic in fine form although he can’t help himself from ripping through a couple of solos towards the end of the record!

08) Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard - Bugs & Flowers: Had the pleasure of seeing Jeff perform in Oxford again recently and even chatted to him for about 10 minutes and bought him a drink, he’s great to talk to and I’m mindful of taking up someone’s time but every time I tried to leave he kept talking! Will hopefully have more chance of seeing him live after we move, he always puts on a great show and is one of the best performers I’ve seen. “The human race's, Beautiful faces, Changing places, Reform and bust, When we kick the bucket, Let's just say chuck it, We'll come and go like, Infinite dust”

09) Local Natives – Airplanes: I used Sun Hands a little while back and I still listen to Gorilla Manor quite often, it’s a lovely record with tons of harmonies and odd rhythms. “It sounds like we, would of had a great deal to say, to each other”

10) De La Soul - Eye Know: One of the annoying things about having an ipod is the temptation to just stick shuffle on which seems a bit lazy but it does throw up gems that you didn’t realise you were in the mood for. Always love it when this songs pops into my head and so I threw it on the mix. “Life will begin at the cut of a rim, Take it as filled to the rim as in brim, Squeeze your stoop like Betty Boop, We'll make Campbell's Alphabet Soup”

11) Fugi - Mary, Don't Take Me On No Bad Trip: A sadly overlooked diamond that should have been on my funk mix a while back, details about Fugi are relatively scarce but the backing band are the excellent Black Merda. Don’t’ ever search on google for the cover image of the album as it will forever put you off listening to the record!

12) Charmels - As Long As I've Got You: Was going through the Stax/Volt 9CD boxset a while ago (a download, admittedly, I will own it one day!) and this song always amazes me, just had to throw it onto the mix. It’s just all-round wonderful, unfortunately I can find little else about the group, can anyone help? “If happiness was water, I'd never run dry. If loneliness was a flower, it would wither and die.”

13) Mark Kozelek - Cruiser (live): I recently bought Koz’s tour documentary DVD (which I’ve yet to watch) but those who pre-ordered were treated to yet another live album, it’s nice that he throws in these freebies for fans but at the same time I do wish he would strum a song once in a while! “Morning pours the ocean deep, Into the hollow of my sleep, But the ocean can't be mine, Your perfection can't be mine”

14) They Might Be Giants - Ana Ng: A TMBG staple but it’s been stuck in my head for ages lately, I’m sure it will now be stuck in yours. I absolutely adore this band. “They don't need me here, and I know you're there (don't need me), Where the world goes by like the humid air (world goes by), And it sticks like a broken record, Everything sticks like a broken record, Everything sticks until it goes away (it goes home), And the truth is, we don't know anything (don't know)”

15) Rites of Spring - Drink Deep: This is another tune on the 20 years of Dischord boxset. The band were short-lived and band members Guy Picciotto and Brendan Candy went on to join Fugazi. “If its not the rule then its always the case, good intentions get fractured, good intentions get replaced”

16) Patti Rothberg - Delicate Matters: Hadn’t listened to Patti in a little while and so listening to
2001’s Candelabra Cadabra caused much delight to these ears, she has a new record out called Overnight Sensation, which I’ll have to check out. “My foot must have been born in my mouth”

17) The Church – Aura: I may well have used this song before, I can’t remember, but it was another song that popped up on an ipod shuffle and was moved to use it (possibly again). “We raked old Poseidon over the coals, Shook his shells, shaked his shoals”

18) The War on Drugs - Best Night: Following up the rather good Wagonwheel Blues with this years Slave Ambient, it’s more of the same but that’s no bad thing. “I'm a thousand miles behind, with a million more to climb, so it's you I hope survives without fighting”

19) Local Natives - Wide Eyes: Another track from Gorilla Manor, I couldn’t really pick between this and Airplanes so chucked both on, just love the sound of the guitar on this track, I know it’s not the most original sound in the world but I dig it.

And that’s it for another compilation, I would hope that by the time I release the next comp I’ll be living in New York but who knows? I hope there was plenty to like on this mix, it still feels a bit weird not physically burning discs and posting them out, indeed I haven’t even ran copies off for myself lately which I’m a little sad about. Anyway, please let me know what you think, and if you have a few moments do check out my blog http://someothersuckersparade.blogspot.com/

Peace and Love
Until Next Time