Friday, 1 October 2010

Welcome to Q's Compilations

Welcome to my Qlog!

I like making compilation mixes.

Since September 2002 I have been making a series of compilations, for 49 compilations (up until and including September 2006) these were monthly affairs and a deadline was not missed. From #50 until present the compilations have been bi-monthly, all compilations were provided in a physical form, CD with artwork sleeve and a double-sided page of notes. It's a lot of work but something I enjoy very much.

I've now decided to try and bring these compilations to a larger audience without the additional bother of physical copies, which take up valuable time and cost. So here is this blog, where I will store all further compilations.

A big reason I had not made them available online before is that I do spend a lot of time sourcing the highest quality material (most songs are ripped from my own CD collection at a lossless format) and I did not want to compromise by sending out MP3 mixes, I also spend a lot of time mixing the songs together and making sure they flow in a natural way, making an actual CD guaranteed that my listeners had the whole experience.

So please, if you download any mixes, they will be best experienced by burning the tracks to a CD without the 2second gaps.

I hope you like the music, and please purchase any material that you like, it's important to support the artists. I will hopefully have volume #73 available for download soon.


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